What if you can look into the future and see a new enhanced you … at almost any angle, at anytime and anywhere?

Plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures have seen a marked increase in popularity over recent years. Various surgical and non-surgical procedures can correct the signs of aging, rejuvenate and instill confidence with desired results.

Advancements in camera technology allow patients to see the surgical results even before they happen.

Certainly, many of us have thought about plastic surgery; however, it may be difficult for a patient to visualize the outcome of a particular procedure and may even develop a fear or anxiety of an unknown outcome.

Modern 3D imaging platforms have raised the standard of care in major cities in aesthetic surgery including New York City, Atlanta, Miami and Beverly Hills. 3D imaging within aesthetic surgical practices and medical spas has proven to be a powerful preoperative tool to optimize patient-centered surgical enhancement, thus offering a higher level of care.

“There is a tremendous leap of faith that patients take before having surgery, and Vectra helps bridge that leap by giving them a window into what they are going to look like. It’s the best communication tool that exists,” said Dr. Louis Bucky, past-president of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Want to simulate a chin implant? Desire a new breast silhouette, but unclear of the size or shape of the desired breast implant?

The Vectra-3D provides an extremely accurate picture of the expected outcome which has dramatically improved pre-procedural analysis and planning of not only chin implants but also breast augmentation, facelifts, browlift and facial slimming procedures such as buccal fat pad excision.

Vectra-3D can simulate non-surgical facial rejuvenation including liquid facelift techniques using fillers, laser resurfacing of fine lines and wrinkles, brown spot treatments, and even energy-based skin-tightening procedures.

Canfield has also extended the technology to the consumer through an app-based portal whereby patients can view preoperative 3D simulations anytime, anywhere.

Expect more, experience more confidence, and explore the possibilities of the new you, now in 3D.

Mathew T. Epps, MD, MS, DABS is a triple fellowship aesthetic plastic surgeon, specializing in facial, eyelid and breast surgery. matheweppsmd.com or info@dreppsmd.com