While you are resolving to make positive changes in this New Year, don’t forget about your hair. Here are a few ideas to help you embrace your crowning glory, regardless of your style.

  1. Go for it! Whether you’re dying to have a new color or a great new cut, don’t let your fear hold you back. Tell yourself that this will be the year to be brave and to do what you feel is right for you.

Don’t let those long locks you’ve been sporting for 10 years hold you back from trying that cute short bob you’ve been thinking about.

  1. Spend more time styling your hair. Having a low maintenance cut does not mean that you’re completely off the hook from styling.

Make a promise to yourself to do something nice with your hair every once in a while. Curl it, braid it, put it up – you can experiment with so many different styles even if it isn’t a special occasion.

Because every woman deserves to get her hair done, put on some makeup and clothes to match and enjoy being and feeling flawless like a movie star at least once every 30 days.

  1. Learn how to fight your frustrations. Could this be the year that you finally stop hating your hair? Time to learn how to mask those tiny flaws that are making you feel bad.

Invest in a proper teasing brush, learn how to tease and enjoy that volume you’ve been dreaming about.

For frizzy hair or unmanageable curls, ask your stylist which products and tools you should be using to fight the frizz.

All of these common problems are solvable; you just have to learn how to do it.

  1. Splurge on the good stuff. If you have found a product that you love and that works wonders for your hair, don’t let price stand in your way. Sometimes we spend more money on haircuts thinking it’s the style, when it is actually the texture.

Don’t go for the beauty aisle in the grocery store hoping for great results. Ask your stylist to help you find the right product for you. She or he will definitely guide you in the right direction.

  1. Disregard all age vs. hairstyle stereotypes. “I will cut my hair because I’m not 30 anymore” has to go, along with “I will highlight my hair or go blonde because the grays are showing.”

Don’t let society tell you who you ought to be! Enjoy your thick, long hair as long as you want. If you do want to cut it, do it because you need a change. If you like your grays, embrace them.

  1. Accept compliments with a smile. Gorgeous hair will attract attention. People will compliment you on it and you should learn to accept all of those compliments with a smile. Because it really is something you should be proud of.
  2. Start a hair schedule. This is a great way to remember hair maintenance tasks you tend to forget. Get out your calendar for the year and pencil in haircuts, color appointments, a regular deep conditioning treatment and any other hair care rituals you need and set them up with your stylist.

Get ready for a year of looking absolutely gorgeous, no matter what kind of relationship you have with your hair.

Falecia Mize is a cut and color expert with House of Color in Bluffton.