As much as we enjoyed the holidays, it’s time to make sure we have healthy skin. It’s the perfect time for some screenings, repair and for yearly check-ups.

Q: After the holidays, my skin looks tired. What can I do to refresh it?

A: Too many parties, too much food and drink, and lack of sleep might take its toll on your skin. Damaged skin can cause signs of aging – like wrinkles, which are a major concern for men and women alike. Freckles, darker age spots and blotchiness are all common forms of skin damage.

Focus on trying to even out your skin tone and treat these problem areas with spot treatment products, or consult a dermatologist for professional treatments.

Q: The winter has left me with dry, chapped skin and lips. What can I do to rejuvenate them?

A: The skin on your lips is incredibly sensitive to cold, dry weather. Dry lips can be painful and lead to cracking and bleeding. Applying Vaseline, emu butter, or shea butter are great ways to seal moisture in and allow your lips to heal. A good intake of vitamin B and hydrating with water are also great ways to re-hydrate your lips.

Q: What can I do to put moisture back into my skin?

A:  This is a great time for your skin to recover and hydrate. Moisturizers should be different for your face and your body and should be used daily in these cooler months.

Q. Now that I’m not out in the direct sun as much, can I stop applying sunscreen?

A. Absolutely not, sunscreen should be applied year-round whenever you are going to be outside. Make sure it is a broad-spectrum lotion to block UVA rays. UVA’s are most prevalent in the non-summer months and can be just as damaging.

Q. What about cosmetic treatments to refresh my skin?

A. There are a number of cosmetic treatments that can effectively refresh your skin and help to restore a more youthful and healthy appearance. You should meet with a dermatologist who can evaluate your skin condition and make the proper recommendations. Together you can decide which treatments are best suited for you.

The main steps for your post-holiday skin care clearly include hydration, protection and renewal, and maybe some cosmetic repair. Continue to protect your skin with sunblock while repairing with moisturizer what the winter months might have damaged.

Start a proper skin care regime, and you’ll be showing off your new healthy skin all year long!

Dr. Oswald Lightsey Mikell, certified by the American Board of Dermatology and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, is the owner of Dermatology Associates of the Lowcountry.