Approximately 70 percent of my clients are 50 years old and older. However, all of our celebrity idols are aging as well.

Judging by their beauty, we should realize we don’t have to look our age either.

I know they have amazing plastic surgeons, but their haircuts and color are a major portion of their youthful appearance.

Our lives are hectic and, in this climate, we have a little bit more of a challenge having a style that lasts throughout the day.

It is easier if you have the proper haircut and color and spend a minimal amount of time and use a little bit of product.

That’s not a lot to ask to look 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter, is it?

My goal as a stylist is to give you a look so that you can get out of bed, fluff, and not be embarrassed to meet the neighbor outside while getting your mail.

Then, with a bit more initiative and direction, you can turn that into a style that gets you compliments and brings attention to your eyes and away from your neck and jowls.

I repeatedly talk about the upside-down triangle. It is time to repeat my rule, for those who have forgotten and for newbies to our great town.

Here’s my theory:

Your hair can be just about any length, as long as the cut and style is the shape of an upside-down triangle. Your ear and eye area should be the widest part of the style. This brings focus to that area.

The “point” or narrowest part of the style should at the neck and jaw area.

We are either doing this already, or pulling our hair up and off our face or tucking the hair behind our ears. All of these give the same focus, which is much more youthful.

The proper cut is the foundation to achieving the shape. The styling should be easy after that. And remember, you do have to do some styling.

There are many styles that are extremely easy to work with, depending on the texture and length of the hair. Gravity exists.

Unfortunately for every facet of our bodies, including our hair, we need to lift as much as possible.

We want our hairstyle to stay up and off our face to bring the focus to where it needs to be (so we will look 10 years and 10 pounds less).

The correct color is also vital. I do not care how “pretty” your grey hair is, it still ages you! Absence of color washes out the face and adds years to our appearance.

Your hair should not be too dark either. This brings out the lines in the face and adds harshness. Ideally, our hair should be a blend of a couple of colors to give it dimension.

It should be a bit lighter around the face, with a combination of highlights, lowlights and your natural color, even if that is grey, blended throughout the hair.

This is perfect if new growth is not the prettiest color. You don’t see it the minute that growth appears. It’s nicely hidden and blends.

I will show you how to achieve this in little time but you do have to spend some time. It will be well worth it.

And aging won’t be as obvious or painful.

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton.