Red, a 3-year-old Pyrennes mix, has learned how to get along with people. This friendly dog is ready for adoption and a forever home.

I cannot believe I still have two wonderful dogs for adoption. While they do have some specific requirements, they are sweet, loving dogs.  

As a local rescue foster, I have been involved for years in assisting in the placement of dogs. Some are difficult due to behavior issues or background and others are easy with pretty much no issues. I never know what I am going to encounter.

I work with select area groups and am particular about what dogs I can take, as they have to fit in with my pack and various circumstances. (I am NOT available for people to call and offer me their dogs!)

A year ago, on behalf of Grateful Golden Retrievers of the Lowcountry, I agreed to foster three dogs from a hoarding situation. The dogs found in outside pens on a large property were fed, but other than that had not had any care or experience with people. They were not spayed/neutered or had had no vet care. 

These dogs were all mixes used for breeding and included – as far as we know – Golden Retrievers, Labradors, poodles and Great Pyrenees. These adults and puppy mixes were totally unsocialized with people but great with dogs. The puppies, of course, were easily placed. 

One of the dogs I took in was a Lab/Pyrenees mix who was, contrary to all expectations, very drawn to people. Other than extensive medical expenses, this one was highly adoptable. We found a wonderful home with someone who had adopted a dog previously from the rescue.

The other two were a completely different story. Fearful of people, couldn’t be touched, they ran and hid and shrunk and retreated at approach or any attempt of contact. They were not crate or potty trained and had never experienced living in a home.

These two are different dogs today – still skittish with new people but warming up. 

Saylor, the female, about 3 years old, possibly a Golden Pyrenees mix about 50 pounds, loves to be rubbed, brushed and will take treats from hand. She is crate trained. 

Red, a male, loves touch and treats, is also crate trained. He is 3 years old, 55 pounds, and also Golden Pyrenees mix. 

They both can be very affectionate and will lick your hands. They have come a long way and will only get better with the right patient owners. 

Saylor and Red are learning Sit, Down and leash walking. They need a fenced yard and, if they are adopted separately, will need another dog buddy. They are a bonded pair but can be adopted separately.  

If you are interested, visit the rescue group’s website for application and more information. If you want to meet them, contact me directly as they are local. 

These loving dogs need to be in a home. Check them out. They could be your next family members.

Abby Bird is owner of Alphadog Training Academy.