The name is Bone – James Bone.

007 years old and licensed to dig, this pint-sized paleontologist is in search of a Dino-sized adventure! From author Carole Marsh comes a new graphic novel series, “James Bone and the Awesome Allosaurus Adventure,” created for kids with a tremendous appetite for prehistoric puns, fun, and facts.

“Graphic Novels are an entirely new genre for me, but I’ve always had the idea for a James Bond spoof for kids, and it seemed like the perfect fit,” says Marsh of her latest venture. “My goal was to craft something a reader wants to read; read out loud to a parent or sibling, read with a friend, read over and over, and otherwise find confidence and joy in their ability to read, no matter their age or language. They’ll enjoy the friendship, fumbling, and fun, feel a part of it all, and want to continue the journey with James, his friends, dinosaurs, and more!”

The award-winning writer, formerly of Atlanta and now residing in Beaufort County, has inspired an entire generation of readers with her “Real Kids! Real Places!” mystery series, and in more recent years has been a fixture in the classroom with social studies curriculum and educational resources that support teachers across the U.S. and Canada. For this new graphic series, she has partnered with illustrator and cartoonist Lee Barrow, a 2014 graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD).

The eight-book series invites readers to join James on an epic hunt to find dinosaur fossils for show-and-tell. Each book follows their adventures as they dig through a new assignment at an archaeological site. Along with his friends Pick, Shovel, and his dog Diggy, they uncover more than just fossils – they discover the tools needed to solve any problem. This series teaches that through perseverance, persistence, and patience, the young explorers always complete their mission. While reading about their favorite topic, kids will learn about the importance of friendship, cooperation, and creative problem-solving.

Marsh is an entrepreneur, author, and founder and CEO of Gallopade International in Peachtree City, Ga. After more than 40 years, she continues to write new stories for readers of all ages.

In 2021 she created Gallopade Graphics to introduce new graphic novels that incorporate history and science to educate and entertain a new generation of fans. Graphic novels have been proven to help kids get excited about reading and to read above their grade level.

“James Bone and the Awesome Allosaurus Adventure’” is currently available for pre-order at, and will be on sale for the holiday season on Amazon and Follett with eBook and audio versions coming in 2022.