When we eat a delicious bite of cake, we immediately know how good it is.

As we reach for another bite, we don’t analyze how the sugar is attracting the water or how the butter is adding the richness – we just want more cake.

When I ask residents, especially new ones, what triggered their decision to move to Bluffton, I hear the same list of traits that Bluffton offers. That list includes personal and public safety, a thriving historic district, quality private and public schools that are supported by the community, natural resources and healthy environment, diverse housing options, economic opportunities, and amenities. One new resident said, “There’s enough here to provide a convenient lifestyle while providing enough room for everyone to be who they want to be.”

I am beyond proud of the reputation Bluffton has. The post-pandemic housing boom is proof more and more people want a taste of our town’s lifestyle.

Bluffton’s former and current town councils have been focused on the ingredients which makes Bluffton’s collective experience so desirable.

As the James Beard Foundation Award honors chefs with winning recipes, the Municipal Association of South Carolina (MASC) has honored Bluffton with its Achievement Awards for various projects five times in the past eight years. One year, the MASC hosted a tour of Bluffton during its annual meeting so other elected officials could learn from Bluffton’s projects.

Some have asked us what our magic is.

Bluffton residents, leaders and staff members want to continue riding this wave of success and we need your support in all the above elements of our success. We believe we have found a winning recipe; however, we need continued support.

As we bite into the cake, we don’t say, “I really support the butter; however, I don’t support the eggs.” We just know, intuitively, it’s a darn good taste.

As we enter another chapter of prosperity, I urge all residents, both life-long and newcomers, to support all these elements of success, projects and initiatives that come together to make Bluffton beautiful, diverse, economically robust, and environmental healthy.

Removing one of our priorities would be like adding too much milk and not enough flour: the cake would fall apart.   

It is the mixing of all these issues which give all of us the quality of life we hold so dear.

Lisa Sulka is the mayor of the Town of Bluffton. lsulka@townofbluffton.com