In 2012, I wrote an article about a young brother and sister dance team who attended Heritage Academy on Hilton Head Island for golf but shifted their talents to ballroom dancing.

Cameron Hammel, now 20, and Lizzie Hammel, now 22, have not forgotten their love of ballroom dance, even though they have gone their separate ways.

The Hammels started dancing together as young teenagers in Pittsburgh. The siblings moved to Hilton Head Island so they could attend Heritage Academy. They also found time to continue pursuing a passion for ballroom dance.

Their involvement grew quickly, and they proceeded to a competitive ballroom dance level.

Life went on. College became the primary focus, and each of them had to find another dance partner. This presented new challenges, but, as fate would have it, life would come full circle.

The Hammels did get one chance to compete together while they were both at Purdue on the ballroom dance team.

Lizzie graduated and moved to Charlotte, while Cameron moved back to Pittsburgh. They managed to get together again in June 2017 to do a performance for the Prime Minister in the Bahamas, and they both recalled how amazing it was for the muscle memory and partnership to just kick back in.

The performance came together quickly and easily.

Cameron now has a new dance partner and competes with the Carnegie Mellon Collegiate Dance Team. He is also spending time coaching them.

Lizzie is currently seeking an amateur partner. Even as she is building her business career, dancing is still a big part of her life.

When this brother-sister duo looks back, they realize that they would not be as close as they are today if it wasn’t for dance. With Cameron choreographing and Lizzie adding expression to the dance, their talents complemented one another.

The Hammels still call each other when they hear a particular song or see a ballroom dance video. Ballroom dance will forever be a part of their lives.

They recently decided to put together a Michael Jackson number and are planning to perform in our upcoming May showcase.

Sandro Virag is a partner and instructor at Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Hilton Head, located in Bluffton at Seaquins Ballroom.