Gumbo the cat is missing from Old Town, and his blind sister, Muffin, misses him.

Alexis Sargo, owner of Wink Lash Room on Lawton Street, said Muffin has been crying for Gumbo since he went missing the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Sargo misses Gumbo too, even though she doesn’t own him and Muffin. “They technically belong to the Cottage,” she said. “But I think the merchants and the community believe they are family. They are neighborhood cats.”

Sargo and others believe Gumbo was taken by a woman who asked about the cats while at the Cottage that Tuesday. She was told by a manager that the cat was his. By the next morning, Gumbo was gone.

A picture and description of the woman was given to police, but no one has identified her, Sargo said.

Anyone with information about Gumbo can email Sargo at alexis@winklashroom .com.