It’s officially fall and the weather is amazing. I hope you are getting out and enjoying it.

I’m praying this era of COVID-19 isn’t the new normal, but if it is we all need a new plan. Life is definitely different now, and whether it’s temporary or permanent we need to motivate ourselves. We cannot become complacent and caught up in our televisions and drama. Nothing good comes of that.

So, let’s come up with a new plan, starting with our appearance. Let’s call it “low-maintenance new ’do” time.

One of the best things to do is change our cut and color. The new fall colors of rich chocolate browns with pieces of caramel to give dimension and brightness around the face are truly stunning. And don’t they sound delicious?

These colors have minimal warmth, but enough to not wash out our faces. Especially because our suntan is gone, it takes a professional to give you the right amount of brightness and warmth without brass and red. If it’s done correctly it will really help our overall look.

Contrary to what you might be hearing, gray is not “in.” The younger girls were wearing shades of platinum that appeared gray. They’re young, so it looked fun and trendy. It isn’t fun or trendy for the more mature women. It just makes us look older than we are.

There are women that have pretty color gray hair, but I promise you there is nothing pretty about it next to our faces. It washes us out and draws attention to all of the fine lines and wrinkles we have earned.

Nothing is flattering about any of this. Why look any older than we have to? There isn’t one good reason that comes to my mind. Not one.

Now the fall colors are becoming the norm for both young and older. Platinum colors are now being replaced by rich browns. Haircuts are more blunt and stylish and – believe it or not – perms are being requested.

Many of us certainly have the time to take on doing some different looks. Still, there’s no reason to be a slave to our hair. Looking great without a lot of maintenance is key.

The proper cut for lifestyle and face shape, including minimum product and time, can brighten your day.

Please, step away from the television and internet and make that important phone call to your stylist. Get a new ’do. You will feel better.

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton.