Everything – including our physical body – is energy moving and vibrating at different speeds. Our body has seven main energy centers that are referred to as “chakras.” These are located along your spine, from the tailbone to the crown of your head.

The word “chakra” means “wheel” in Sanskrit. If there is a block in this life force energy, problems arise, usually in the form of illness and disease.

The wheels of energy that are coursing through your body also correspond to the body’s major nerve centers. Chakras are the places where your energy body connects with the biological functions that have an impact on your physical and mental well being. 

Keeping energy free flowing throughout your body is essential. Using the energy and vibration of sound is a way to unblock stuck energy and chakras. Here is a brief explanation of each one:

• Root chakra (red), located at the base of spine: Survival. Symbolizes your sense of safety and security. Symptoms of blockage include problems in legs or feet, sciatica, eating disorders, not feeling secure, fear of not enough money, lacking energy.

• Sacral chakra (orange), located just below navel: Self. Symbolizes creativity, flexibility, pleasure and emotions. Symptoms of blockage include back pain, constipation, infertility, fear and insecurity, jealousy, addictive behavior, depression, urinary problems.

• Solar plexus chakra (yellow), located above the navel: Energy. Symbolizes physical and emotional power, self-esteem, willpower and identity. Symptoms of blockage include digestion issues, fatigue, neediness, lack of motivation, poor self image, controlling behavior.

• Heart chakra (green), located at sternum/breastbone: Love. Symbolizes love, compassion, unconditional acceptance, forgiveness. Symptoms of blockage include lack of empathy, being over-critical of others, cardiovascular problems, respiratory problems, playing victim, codependency.

• Throat chakra (blue), located center of neck: Harmony. Symbolizes thoughts and feelings, finding and speaking our truth, being heard. Symptoms of blockages include dental issues, poor listener, mouth ulcers, sore throat, shyness, inability to speak your truth, headaches.

• Third Eye chakra (indigo), located center of forehead: Connection. Symbolizes perception, the search for the meaning of life, inner awareness, intuition, inspiration, wisdom. Symptoms of blockages can include poor vision, migraines, seizures, lack of clarity, feeling stuck in daily grind, lack of clarity.

• Crown chakra (violet), located top of head: Oneness. Symbolizes connection to wider universe, gateway to spiritual wisdom, living our truth. Symptoms of blockages include depression, insomnia, nerve pain, neurological disorders, Alzheimer’s, loneliness, feeling disconnected.

Are your chakras blocked? Sound therapy is one way to unblock them.

Shembra Carter, RN is the owner of Lowcountry Harmonic Egg Sound and Light Chamber. info@lowcountryharmonicegg.com or lowcountryharmonicegg.com