Do you see life as an adventure? How are you embracing your happiness? It’s been said that we have to search for happiness or do something to get happiness. Maybe, up until now, your days and weeks have been planned out hour by hour (maybe even minute by minute), including lots of searching and doing – forgetting about using your imagination, leaving little or no room for spirit or spontaneity – certainly little or no room for questioning your thoughts. 

Do you know what happiness looks like on you? Think of happiness not as something to have, rather something to be. How creative is your imagination? 

I am suggesting today that we might allow room for a “holy shift,” an opportunity for our adventurous spirit to create possibilities for us to know of more happiness. 

Unity teachings remind us that nothing outside of ourselves can create happiness. It’s an inside job. You and I have a choice. We get to choose. Always and in all ways our attitude and consciousness allow for us to have eyes to see, regardless. 

Material things do not make us happy. I think we might all agree that searching for happiness can lead to disappointment rather than adventure. 

Every time I choose to engage my adventuring spirit, allowing myself to be spirit-led, I can actually see happiness right where I am.

“How?” you may ask. Because I choose to see it as so. This practice acknowledges God is everywhere present. In these moments, I yield to the flow of life. I let it be. 

In Unity, we use the Bible as a roadmap in learning about the evolution of our Christ-consciousness. Scripture tells us, “To become as a little child,” in the book of Matthew. 

Affirm with me, “The Kingdom of Heaven is right here, right now.” 

When was the last time you believed it as so and actually got excited about an upcoming situation and chose to turn it into an upcoming adventure to be excited about? When did you last draw forth your child-like intrigue, wonder and awe? 

As you and I set the mindful intention to be willing to live adventurously, moment to moment, day to day, we open ourselves up to experiencing the spontaneous flow of life which allows for us to call forth our enthusiasm and imagination for our adventure-filled thrill in living in this now moment, right here, right now. 

Rev. Therese Donlan Lee is the senior minister of Unity Spiritual Center on Hilton Head Island.