What is your intention for your life for the rest of this year?

You are cordially invited to choose to Be Peace expressing. The honor of your peaceful presence is requested.

Let’s use our discernment and set our intentions now to Be Peace. We each get to renew our minds, adjust our attitudes, refocus our awareness and recommit our heart to Be Peace in our everyday living.

Believing is seeing – it is not the other way around! Let us see it as so. As we believe and trust, we can let go and let God.

As we desire to live in a world filled with peace, each of us gets to choose to be filled with peace from within. It is always, and in all ways, an inside job. 

I think you’ll agree that sometime or another you might have made choices that were less than peaceful, less than loving, less than kind, less than compassionate. Even though we might not like to admit it – or we might not even think it’s true – every time we make these kinds of choices we add to the collective consciousness of chaos, hate and fear in our world.

And, every time we choose to be loving and kind, every time we choose compassion, every time we respond, rather than react, and show up as peaceful – we add to the collective consciousness of harmony and peace in our world.

The truth is, your peace-filled presence matters today and every day. In every spiritual tradition we know of, it is believed that peace must exist in one’s own heart before peace can exist in the outer world.

Mahatma Ghandi told us, “We must be the change we want to see in the world.” We all know the beauty and power of nonviolent resistance and nonviolent love. We get to get real with ourselves. We get to work on our own stuff.

The Bible tells us in Romans 12: 2, “… be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Let us, in the stillness of our own souls, go to that indwelling Presence and proclaim the peace that is the power and the heart of God.

Choose to begin each day from the enlightened mind because that is the essence of God that is within you. We get to transform our thinking and therefore our responses, and our actions change. We do have a choice. You do and I do.

What a gift the choice of peace is to ourselves and to everyone in our lives and our community. Take a moment, discern and set your intention to be the peace you have come here to be.

Rev. Therese Donlan Lee is the senior minister for Unity Spiritual Center Hilton Head. revthereseunityhiltonhead@gmail.com or unityofhiltonhead.org