Looking ahead, some of 2015’s strong on-trend kitchen designs are expected to continue. But you’ll also see a fresh take in many areas as the kitchen increasingly reflects the individual home’s style in terms of color, architectural detail and finishes.

While white kitchens will continue to be a staple for many, color has definitely made its way into the most social room in the house. Alongside the popular commercial kitchen look, homeowners are opting for a more exciting and emotional impact.

Looks that reflect cultural and geographical influences such as Tuscan, art deco, old European, retro and sleek modern are increasingly popular.

Design professionals expect the use of color in the kitchen to explode in popularity. Color doesn’t mean just a bold statement. Choices in color can be subtle as well as dramatic.

For example, a dark granite countertop looks quite different if paired with a stainless steel sink than when matched with a gray cast iron sink.

The use of subtle colors that are near-neutrals lets you build in interest and appeal without competing with other decorative details in the kitchen.

In fact, gray might emerge as the new white. Expect the black and white palette to hold strong with white cabinets (or gray) dramatically complementing black granite countertops.

Sinks won’t be just white or stainless. A colorful sink offers a wonderful pop of color and focal point to a neutral kitchen. Bold fixtures in vibrant and complementary colors can be changed in the future to create a whole different look.

Customization means that you’ll use products and design features in fresh ways.

Consider the faucet. Not only is the style of the faucet a major design statement, the finishes offered today allow the look to be further customized.

There are virtually unlimited choices in faucet selections. Placement of the faucet is also a variable. Wall mount applications are increasing as designers choose unexpected faucet locations.

The unlimited choices make it even more important to find a design professional who understands your style, budget and the home design industry’s options.

Andrea Antunes McGilton is project manager at Distinctive Granite and Marble, with showrooms in Okatie; Lady’s Island; Pooler, Ga., and on Hilton Head Island.