Couple with cell phone and classified ads

According to research conducted by CoreLogic, properties promoted in printed newspapers and online advertising campaigns sold faster and for higher prices than properties that were advertised online only. 

The above-mentioned analysis, which was based upon 850,000 homes that were listed for sale over two years, clearly showed that advertisements in print newspapers improved real estate sales outcomes.

In fact, print outperforms online for delivering targeted real estate advertising. While most perspective home buyers begin their search online, they continue to see properties for sale in their specific plantation or development in their local newspaper. It is this combination of digital and print real estate advertising that supercharges real estate sales.

The way people read newspapers also contributes to the effectiveness of newspaper real estate advertising. Since newspaper readers enjoy looking at homes that are for sale, it’s very possible to reach potential home buyers who are not yet actively searching for a home. 

Here are three more ways in which printed newspapers help get real estate listings noticed and sold:

1. Open houses. Whether the advertisement is for an open house on a specific day or by appointment, open house advertising in the papers get folks out to look at homes.

2. Just listed properties. When homes first go on the market, showcasing them in the newspapers is a great way to get them noticed and to get face time for the listings agents as well.

3. “OOSF&R.” This is my term for “out-of- state friends and relatives.” It is my personal favorite because it works very well with the homes that we list and sell. Basically, a Bluffton homeowner will see a home advertised in the paper and tell their out-of- state friends and relatives about it. 

While daily papers are effective for same-day open houses, community papers have a longer shelf life and are great for promoting properties and the agents who list and sell those properties (and who can help you sell your home!).

The superior scope of printed newspapers and their capacity for reaching a broader range of prospects, when combined with the targeted efficiency of online marketing, is an unbeatable combination for home owners and real estate agents who want to sell homes faster and for a higher price.

Larry Stoller is a broker and Realtor with Real Estate Five of the Lowcountry.,