Have you ever quit a job to take another job? What were your stated reasons for leaving the old job? What was the real reason for leaving? Did the change work out for you?

Did the old employer ever check up on you? Did he ask, “How is it going, meeting your expectations?” Did he hold out an offer to rejoin his firm?

What has been your business’s experience with people leaving to work for someone else?

Here are some factors that make managing this “turnover” problem difficult, particularly here in the Lowcountry:

  • Low unemployment
  • Shortage of people with the right skills
  • Certain occupational skills especially difficult
  • Loyalty to own career vs. loyalty to company or employer
  • High area housing costs
  • Higher cost of living in a resort area
  • Tourism jobs can be routine and non-challenging
  • Traffic
  • Long commute time
  • Lack of public transportation
  • Seasonal jobs vs. core employees
  • English language barriers

How do you measure your employee’s performance? How do you know who is a good employee? Does your employee know you think that he or she is a good employee?

It all starts with a position description that defines the job responsibilities and how they will be measured.

You need to prepare performance standards:

  • Define and describe best performance
  • Define and describe acceptable performance
  • Define and describe poor performance

Work expectations need to be established when the employee is hired. It is essential to review performance analysis and evaluation.

Describe what a good employee performance looks like and how it varies by the job. Describe for the employee what “Best Performance” is.

The owner-manager should describe the employee’s role in the total business – their importance to the success of the business. Employee goals should be SMART: Specific; Measurable; Achievable; Realistic; and Trackable.

Employee participation in the performance review is the best approach to bring the employee into the organization. The data results and feedback from customers, co-workers, peers and supervisors will reinforce a commitment to company goals.

Lowcountry SCORE Lowcountry has mentors to assist any business who would like help in the hiring, training and supporting the entry of a new employee. In Beaufort County call 785-7107. In Jasper County call 726-8126. Contact by email score@hiltonhead island.org or visit www.scorehilton head.com.

R. J. Le Tourneau is a counselor with Lowcountry SCORE.