According to many real estate experts, summer is not the best time to sell your home. They say that spring and autumn are better seasons to sell. But most of those experts don’t live here in the Lowcountry.

Selling a home in the summer has some challenges. People go on vacation. Kids get out of school and need attention, and summer activities distract.

There are too many summer fun activities, and selling a home is not one of them. It is more difficult to get sellers in the home-selling mood in the summertime.

Another challenge, especially during July and August, is the heat. It might be too hot to run around and look at homes.

On the other hand, higher interest rates, rising prices and a hot local real estate market might motivate buyers and sellers to make a deal this summer of 2017.

In the summertime, here are some things that a seller can do to attract buyers and make the home more appealing:

  • Mow the lawn more often. Grass grows faster in the summer, so cut the lawn to make it look its best.
  • Decorate with summer in mind. Use brighter summer colors and vibrant blues for a calming effect.
  • Create curb appeal. Curb appeal makes buyers feel happy about your home. Trim bushes, plant flowers, spruce up the yard and make your entryway appealing and welcoming.
  • Celebrate the summer season. Now that it stays lighter longer, buyers may be more interested in seeing your home after the dinner hour. Embrace all showing requests.
  • Bring in the light. Open the blinds. Remove the heavy drapes, and make it light and bright.
  • Accentuate the outside. Move furniture to the sunroom, screened porch or covered patio. Turn on the fans. Create an illusion of an appealing lifestyle.
  • Supply summer treats. Different parts of the country are noted for their summer food and drink. Offer some pecan pie and lemonade at your next open house.
  • Keep it cool. No one wants to be in a stuffy, hot room on a hot summer day. Keep the air moving and turn down the air conditioning a bit so they are cool, comfortable and want to stay inside awhile.

Larry Stoller is a broker and Realtor with Real Estate Five of the Lowcountry. or