The 2020 silver American Eagle is not only collectible, it is one of the most beautiful coins ever minted.

You would think that the last concern that one would worry about during COIVID-19 would be their collections. This month’s column is more like a current news release that will dispel the aforesaid.

During the past two months in our little shop in Bluffton, we have had a sudden surge in demand for collectibles – and price is not an issue. When questioning these individuals, the comment generally is “We have a lot of time to examine and inventory our collections and regain interest.”

We have always stressed the importance of condition, and that supply and demand dictate values. The current auction circuit has been unbelievable with results far above the norm.

Sports cards, coins, autographs, Golden Age movie memorabilia, the Beatles and Bobby Jones items – just to name a few collectibles – are hot.

Two months ago, we wrote about the 2020 silver American Eagle dollar coin and the fact that this is the last year of the current design. At that time, the price was $21.50. Today’s price is $39.50 – and for a Grade 70 quality, $59.

The Michael Jordan 10-part documentary on television rekindled the interest in any Jordan memorabilia. In all my days of dealing with collectors, I never thought I would see the recent warehouse find of a 12-box case of 1987 Fleer basketball cards sell for a confirmed $1.8 million!

You might wonder why it would fetch such a price. Within this case could be 40 Michael Jordan rookie cards in perfect condition, along with several other Hall of Famer rookie cards. This news very recently shocked the collector world.

At this point, the stock market is high but volatile, and not controllable by an individual. Collectibles “in hand” are controllable and investors are active for collections. As an aside, the purchaser of the Fleer case will not open it, and plans to hold it as is.

My mentor 50 years ago told me you can’t pay too much something that is good because “someone” will pay more.

The fun of collecting is to upgrade, research and enjoy whatever your interests are. Collectors never cease to amaze us at the shop. A lady shared with us photos on her iPhone of her collection of more than 200 Wizard of Oz items, and she’s looking for more!

Let’s all be careful during this unsettling time and hope the end of it is near. In the meantime, enjoy your collections.

Jerry Glenn is co-owner of Reminisce in Bluffton, where sports collectibles are bought and sold.