You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, so why buy golf clubs without hitting them on the range?

Too often golfers buy a club simply because they saw an ad on TV or in a golf magazine. There is no way you can know what club is best for you without hitting them.

I highly suggest that you attend a demo day at one of the local golf courses. A demo day is a scheduled event where golfers in attendance have the chance to try different golf clubs.

Local golf courses host these events to give their customers the opportunity to find out what clubs are best for them.

I believe that hitting clubs outside gives you a better feel because you get to see the ball flight. You also hit off grass and see how the wind conditions affect the ball flight.

Demo days are usually four to six hours long. Local resident John Lesko is the representative for Wilson Golf in our area. Lesko organizes 25 to 30 demo days in the Bluffton, Hilton Head and Savannah area.

Wilson Golf brings to demo days a fitting cart with shafts and club heads, both right- and left-handed. Wilson has several types of clubs for men, women, senior and junior golfers. You can purchase sets or individual clubs.

Wilson’s product line has a cycle of 30 months, so you can buy one or a few clubs now and know that the product will still be available 2½ years later.

Lesko suggests that you come to a demo day even if you’re not interested in purchasing clubs so that you get to see what’s new in the industry. “You may find something that enhances your game,” he said.

Call your local golf course and ask when their demo days are scheduled. You can also go online to the company whose clubs you’re interested in.

If you visit you will see their demo days as well as another new way to try out clubs. You can rent their clubs for two weeks at $9.95 for three clubs and then return them, another way to try before you buy.

Dr. Jean Harris is an LPGA Master Professional and teaches at Brown Golf Management courses. jean.golfdoctor; www.golfdoctor