Many people have misconceptions about salon services and their hair. I’d like to try to answer some questions and clear up confusion.

First of all, the concept that “if I only need a trim, it should be less expensive than a haircut” is a huge misunderstanding.

This is simply not true. Stylists still have to cut each and every hair. It doesn’t matter how much we are cutting off – it’s still the exact same process.

Truthfully, it’s actually a tad more difficult to only take off a quarter inch than to cut an inch. But it’s not more expensive. The pricing is the same, no matter what length of the hair gets cut.

Secondly, many preteens and teens have more hair than both of their parents put together. Some say their haircut should be less costly because they’re younger; however, in my experience, they are much harder to please. Plus, I usually take more time and use more products on their hair than a more mature client.

This is why age usually doesn’t matter when considering the price.

When it comes to young children, the price should be 10 times more, partly because of the potential danger of their movements resulting in a bad haircut – or just a bad cut.

Our shears are extremely sharp and children’s hair is not yet hard protein. If their hair isn’t cut properly, each cut will show. It takes skill to cut a child’s wispy hair (unless it is only a clipper cut).

Again, price is – or should be – dependent on the age of the child.

Another phrase I hear is “I need color, but my hair is short.” Again, the length doesn’t matter because we are just coloring new growth. If you had a tiny head, maybe it would make the price less, but short, medium, long length doesn’t matter.

It does matter if you have let your hair grow out and we have two inches of new growth to cover. That will take twice as much product, which should be more expensive. But we usually don’t up charge unless it’s ridiculous.

Also, the prices of our products increase all the time, but I always try to be as considerate and conservative as possible.

I hope these clarifications help you to realize why our prices are what they are.

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton.