The Historic Bluffton Foundation has announced the release of a 40-minute documentary film titled “Bluffton, SC – A May River State of Mind.” The film is available for viewing or free download on the Foundation’s website at

Created by the Foundation over the past three years, the film was partly financed by Foundation member Melanie Marks and the Rotary Club of Bluffton.

The film features comments edited from interviews of 21 local townsfolk, who each have a part in the story of Bluffton in the early 20th century. The release of the film comes at a time when reaching out through social media and the internet creates a special opportunity for local and regional viewership.

“In this film, the people and the magic of our historic, riverfront village are on full display,” said Kelly Graham, executive director of the Foundation.

Never-seen footage and photographs of historic Bluffton are woven throughout the production, which was shot and edited by Dana Rose, of MINE Studios. Begun as an oral history project, the scope and members of the cast grew over time.

“The richness of the memories that are shared makes this film special for us as Blufftonians, but we think others will want to see it too,” Graham said.

Donna Huffman and Graham were the producers of the film, engaging the talents for the original score from local musicians Evan Rose, David Warren, Pressana Grant and Jevon Daly.

The Foundation’s web manager, Jason Hazel, volunteered his company’s time to upload and create the pages for the movie to be easily viewed on the website, or downloaded onto a computer.