Caprice Thorsen

The Don Ryan Center for Innovation will be hosting a Zoom webinar Sept. 16 for professionals throughout all industries, offering strategies, tips, and practical, easy-to-implement advice about growing businesses in today’s challenging times.

The free Zoom webinar, led by global consultant and coach Caprice Thorsen, will take place from 8 to 9 a.m.

With today’s uncertain times calling for creative problem solving, resilience and courage, the free webinar will address some of the specific challenges facing businesses today – and provide ways for professionals to reach their full potential without stress, anxiety or self-doubt.   

For many business owners and professionals, stress and anxiety can easily block the clarity needed to move confidently forward in business. Thorsen, who has worked with leaders and teams from Fortune 50, mid-sized and start-up companies, will discuss how our mindset, and where we come from inside ourselves, matters more than any singular activity we will do for our business.

In this webinar, Thorsen will show entrepreneurs and business leaders how to tap into a hidden variable that will dissolve stress and anxiety, which then shapes everything that comes afterwards. By learning how to tap into new capabilities and access greater potential, Thorsen’s methods help today’s professionals rise to the occasion, go beyond limits and thrive – even in today’s uncertain times. During the webinar, attendees will learn numerous business-building skills, including how to:

• See, and seize, more opportunities

• Access more creative thinking

• Build stronger client relationships

Thorsen has been a certified personal and professional coach for more than 20 years, guiding business leaders and entrepreneurs to navigate personal and professional challenges with clarity and peace of mind. She has expertise in transformative coaching, business strategy and entrepreneurship, and has an MBA in finance from Carnegie Mellon.

To register for the DRCI free Zoom webinars, or for more information, visit the DRCI website at or the DRCI Facebook page at

Formed in 2012, the DRCI has graduated more than 35 companies from the formal incubator program and mentored many more. Graduate companies have created more than 100 jobs and generated more than $5 million in annual payroll as well as more than $30 million in annual revenue. The incubator provides resources such as hands-on mentoring, company formation and overall business planning.   

In addition to providing on-site business consulting support for members, the Don Ryan Center for Innovation also offers monthly Educational Seminars addressing many of today’s most critical areas of business development and business growth.