It’s becoming more popular to have one’s wedding dance professionally choregraphed. Some weddings are even building their themes around the dance.

People are also willing to spend more time preparing for this special event that gives them more “together” time to get know each other in a different setting and a different way.

And not only the bride and groom want to learn a dance, but the surrounding family as well – father and mother, grandparents and others.

Family dancing is a growing trend in the wedding arena and it is becoming a more like a formal presentation. These dances include a wide range of options, from couples to line dancing to group dancing.

How much fun would it be to get up and dance that first dance with confidence and knowledge?

The task of learning can be as much fun as performing. The process begins with choosing a song. For an instructor, it is more challenging to choreograph a wedding dance because he or she will have many things to consider, such as the bridal gown, the shoes, and the venue, just to name a few.

Occasionally, the couple might choose a song that is really not a “danceable” song. This means it might be a song they both love, but one that would be difficult to turn into a dance. Here is where it matters if you are working with a professional or not – making the choreography fit with the music.

It is an interesting process to see a couple together trying to achieve this first dance. It is so important that they work together and that they listen to each other. This process brings out things couples sometimes don’t see in each other in everyday life.

As an instructor, it is fun to see how dedicated some couples are in learning a dance. They come to the lesson, go home and practice, and come back week after week, more and more prepared.

The final step is when the bride brings her gown to the studio and makes sure the dance works with the dress. The groom is not allowed to see this part of the process. It is truly a “final dress rehearsal,” where any tweaking can be done.

Why does it take a wedding dance for a male to take dance lessons? More men should be doing this every day!

Sandro Virag is a partner and instructor at Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Hilton Head, located in Bluffton at Seaquins Ballroom.