The Don Ryan Center for Innovation has been awarded a 2021 Relentless Challenge Grant from the S.C. Department of Commerce Office of Innovation.

The grant was created with the mission of progressing and supporting technology-based economic development projects, commercialization of new ideas and the next generation of industry-leading companies.

The grant will be used to support a new program created by the DRCI to help active and retired veterans, police, firefighters and emergency medical personnel become successful entrepreneurs. The program, the DRCI Heroes Initiative, was developed as a new way to help valued heroes transition to business ownership, while also helping the further economic growth of our region.

While many of the region’s veterans and first responders have strong technical training and a deep understanding of technology, they might not have been exposed to the concepts of being a business owner or taking their ideas into the marketplace. The DRCI Heroes Initiative will provide the resources to help these heroes navigate the challenges of business ownership.

At the same time, the launching of these new technology-based businesses will further grow our local economy.

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