The Don Ryan Center for Innovation (DRCI) is pleased to announce that one of their current STARTUP innovators will be launching a beta version of its operation next month.

RightNowHelp is a digital marketplace that offers a secure and streamlined platform that connects “helpers” with “task owners.” The service provides affordable hourly labor to people who need help with projects at their homes or their place of business.   

Whether it is help moving, repairs around the house, furniture assembly, shopping, delivery or other various tasks, RightNowHelp finds you the right helper for the job. This allows the client to get back to what they want to be doing without breaking the bank.

The client user can choose and connect with the best person for the job. All helpers are put through a background check to ensure the highest level of security and service.

Payment is exchanged electronically only after the task is complete. 

RightNowHelp also serves another segment for individuals who want to own their time and work when it is convenient. Helpers can offer their skills and expertise on their schedule.

The key benefits RightNowHelp provides are safety, convenience, affordability and speed.

David Nelems, vice president of innovation, notes, “RightNowHelp has been in the DRCI STARTUP Program since the spring of 2020. We are excited that the first beta test of the system and software will be happening in November. Like any startup, you want to get the product out there quickly, see what works, gather feedback and improve your product or service offering.  RightNowHelp has moved quickly and hit all of their goals on time and within budget. They are a great case study on how to start a business”

If you would like more information on the service or are interested in participating in the beta test – either as a helper or a task owner – please contact the Don Ryan Center for Innovation or David Nelems at

To learn more about DRCI’s entrepreneurial programs, call 843-540-0405 or visit During this time, memberships are free of charge, so why not see what the Don Ryan Center is doing to help all of our businesses in the region.

Lisa Sulka is the mayor of the Town of Bluffton.