Lucy Rosen

Karen Mitchell

A new women’s professional and networking group, under the auspices of the Don Ryan Center for Innovation, will launch Jan. 13, with its first monthly meeting from noon to 1 p.m. via Zoom.

The group, Networking Entrepreneurial Women (NEW) Masterminds of the Lowcountry, was created to provide professional women throughout the Lowcountry with an opportunity to network with other women professionals and have access to a wide range of business-building resources through both DRCI and a network of some of the area’s top women business leaders.

NEW Masterminds of the Lowcountry will be led by two of the Lowcountry’s top advocates for women’s professional growth and local business leaders: Dr. Karen Mitchell and Lucy Rosen, who will provide participants with business-building insights as well as facilitate networking among members.

Mitchell is an accomplished presenter, educator and leader, is the founder of Cottage Insights – which was born out of a mission to help women become more impactful and inspired leaders.

Rosen, founder and president of SmartMarketing Communications, is a nationally renowned business strategist, entrepreneur and author who is known for her ability to help professionals grow and expand their businesses through effective marketing, public relations and networking activities.

For more information and to register for the first meeting, visit