Mike Levine, left, CEO of the Don Ryan Center for Innovation, welcomes Harry Williams, Mayor of Hardeeville, center, and Michael Czymbor, City Manager of Hardeeville to the Center.

The Don Ryan Center for Innovation (DRCI) has announced an expansion of the organization’s business-building programs and services into the City of Hardeeville. The DRCI will now be working closely with Hardeeville businesses to provide important resources, programs and one-on-one business consulting in order to help Hardeeville entrepreneurs and business owners launch and grow their businesses.

As part of its expanded Hardeeville programming, the DRCI is offering free membership to all local Hardeeville businesses. With more than 500 members, the DRCI brings together a unique community of entrepreneurs, executives and some of the region’s top companies – giving Hardeeville entrepreneurs and business owners important opportunities to engage with peers and mentors who can help them in all stages of their business growth.   

“We are excited to be supporting our new, existing and growing businesses in Hardeeville through this important new alliance with the Don Ryan Center for Innovation,” said Mayor Harry Williams. “With its proven track record in helping businesses grow and thrive, the Don Ryan Center will be a valuable resource for so many entrepreneurs and business owners throughout our community during this critical time for businesses today.”

Michael Czymbor, City Manager of Hardeeville, recently was named to the DRCI Board of Directors. “There’s never been a better time for businesses to have access to the services and programs offered through the Don Ryan Center, and we’re happy to provide our local businesses with the many benefits of DRCI membership,” he said.                             

With free DRCI membership, Hardeeville residents and City based businesses will have complimentary access to The HUB, the soon-to-open community work space with flexible seating and resources for local businesses – including meeting rooms, whiteboards, high-speed internet and Apple iMAC/ Windows Computers.

In addition, Hardeeville businesses will benefit from virtual and on-site business events and networking opportunities, as well as a wide array of professional services available only to members. DRCI will also work closely with the city’s diverse minority-owned businesses and retirees in efforts to expand existing businesses and help incubate new ideas along with providing opportunities for members to participate in DRCI’s mentorship program. DRCI also encourages those retirees who live in communities such as Sun City and Latitude-Margaritaville or other communities throughout the City to reach out for opportunities to volunteer.

For more information about the Don Ryan Center for Innovation, visit donryancenter.com, email donryaninfor@townofbluffton.com, or call 843-540-0405.