Frank O’Connell’s son Mike prepares his shot on the Trackman simulator at his dad’s studio. SUBMITTED

At O’Connell Golf Instruction in Bluffton, Frank O’Connell uses electronics, video, Trackman, Body track, balance boards and various exercise equipment to teach his students.

O’Connell has been in Bluffton for a year and a half, working with the International Junior Golf Academy as well as students of all levels. He has worked under a number of Top 100 teachers and he is TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) certified.

O’Connell has his students go through a fitness screening before they take a lesson. He believes that video and exercise can help all golfers, especially juniors who enjoy electronics.

The electronics are proven with professionals as well as with beginners. O’Connell’s video works off two cameras, “face on” and “down the line,” with a split screen seeing the same shot from these different views.

Electronics can be confusing if one doesn’t know what to look for. O’Connell explains the results in layman’s terms so the user doesn’t get confused.

O’Connell has set up his studio at Pinecrest Golf Club, a public golf facility. The equipment he provides can usually be found at exclusive private clubs, but O’Connell has brought it to Bluffton for anyone who wants to learn the game. The nice part about the studio is that a student can learn and practice rain or shine, hot or cold outside. Weather permitting, the Trackman can also be taken outdoors.

Kids love to play games. O’Connell’s son Mike had no interest in golf until his dad opened the studio. “Kids love to play videos and my studio is an oversized video game,” O’Connell said.

The video program has more than 75 courses from all over the world. You can play St. Andrews in Scotland. There are a number of par three courses.

The program allows kids to play each other. The video shows distance, direction, a splash if you hit in the water, and a banging sound if you hit in the trees.

O’Connell has set up an after school program where kids can come to the studio and work with him on the video, or exercise with various equipment while rotating through a circuit of activities. This experience can get young golfers ready for a great future in the game.

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Dr. Jean Harris is an LPGA Master Professional and teaches at local courses.;