Growing up I am sure you heard the phrase “boys don’t cry,” “man up,” or girls are “too emotional.” Society and our upbringing has programmed and conditioned us to be disassociated from our emotions and our body. However, emotions are intuitive signals guiding us into true alignment.

Modern society is predicated on a multispectral numbing of all feelings that are not pleasant. What happens is we repress, suppress, shop, sleep, eat, or drink emotions away. Or so we think. When we don’t allow our body to feel the full bandwidth of the emotion they get pushed down. Here they become trapped and held in the body. Like a dam, this blocks life force energy.

Think about a child when something does not go their way. They pitch a fit, cry, or scream. And just like that they are over it. Allowing that emotion to flow naturally without interruption is extremely healthy. The crying is the healing, not the hurting. When we stop a child or anyone from fully expressing an emotion, the remainder of that emotion gets relegated to the muscles and tissues of the body.

This unprocessed emotional energy gets stored in our organs and other parts of our body causing muscle tension, anxiety, dysregulation, and disease.

Emotional pain or trauma lives in the body as well as in the mind. Becoming aware of somatic holding patterns in the body, and learning how to release allows for a deeper connection to yourself. When you become emotionally intelligent, you are more self-aware, and are able to self-regulate these unpleasant emotions.

At our core, we are emotional beings. We are here to experience the full spectrum of feelings, even the unpleasant ones. The next time you are having a difficult emotional experience such as grief, sorrow, anger or resentment, I encourage you to dive into that emotion, and just be with it. Allow it to move through you just as you would joy or happiness.

To heal from emotional pain you must be willing to feel it, not numb it. The only way out is to go in.

Sound therapy, deep breathing, and yin yoga are a few modalities that can help to release emotional pain from the body. When we let go of things we have been holding onto for years it creates space in our body for joy, creativity, passion, and happiness.

Shembra Carter, RN, is the owner of Lowcountry Harmonic Egg Sound and Light Chamber. or