Let’s all hope that the heat and humidity has taken a break for a while. Maybe our hair will stay colored longer and stay in place for more than five minutes after we have styled it.

Let’s also take advantage of the cooler weather and lack of humidity to refresh or – better yet – try some new color and a new cut.

The ever-popular bob (with its many versions) is still No. 1 in requested styles. There are many ways to change the shape and update this cut: by cutting some layers, shattering the bottom edge, stacking the back, or adding bangs, just to name a few.

Updating the cut can take years off the look you already have. Many variations can be worn by anyone, young and old alike.

Keep in mind that it isn’t about the length of the style, but rather the shape. The upside-down triangle shape that I always talk about is what needs to be attained.

The other cut that is winning second place is the pixie. Yes, it’s back. This cut, like the bob, offers a lot of variety. It can be very feminine if cut unevenly or wispy (shaggy edges vs. clean-cut and more conservative). Both variations and anything in between are also popular with all ages.

Keep in mind styling this cut takes little effort, but keeping the style means a trip to the salon more regularly.

Since I mentioned shaggy, note that this is the third runner-up in fall styles. This is a youthful look that achieves the triangle in the style itself. Therefore, it’s youthful and flattering.

When we look at new color trends, they are basically a carry-over from the summer trends, only with more caramel and warm tones added to the already present blonde tones.

The balayage technique (painted strands, more concentrated on the bottom) is popular in both the young and the “older young.” The secret is to keep it lighter around the face and don’t let the grey overtake you.

The right stylist can transform the mundane to trendy without a lot of change in your daily routine. Products are important in keeping your style in place and fresh. It doesn’t really mean a ton of different products, but it takes some to fight gravity and to keep the volume in the chosen places.

Look in the mirror. Are you ready for a new ‘do?

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton. styleitsalon.com