For those who have already tried a fitness center, a diet plan, and brisk daily walks, and still didn’t lose weight, there is an alternative.

Fast Fit Body Sculpting at Moss Creek Village in Bluffton, a new wellness business, opened Aug. 10. Clients at Fast Fit undergo a simple, non-invasive, painless and permanent procedure that shrinks fat cells while maintaining muscle mass.

“We try to tweak and make small changes,” said co-owner Suzanne Hobbs. “Small changes over time make a big impact in making this a big change.”

“As your body gets older, you have less ability to deal with toxins,” said co-owner Doug Zocco. “Toxicity loss equals fat loss. It’s that simple. So the best possible thing you can do for your health is get rid of the toxins. And when you do that, you increase your body’s ability to get rid of fat.”

Here’s how the procedure works: Body toxins are stored in fat cells, which fill up with fluid. A handful of light “paddles” are applied to the targeted locations on the skin; it might be stubborn “love handles,” stomach bulges or saddlebags.

These paddles are connected to Fast Fit Body Sculpting’s exclusive high-tech device that emits 16 diffused LED light beams through the skin and into the affected fat tissue for 20 minutes per treatment area.

According to Hobbs and Zocco, the fat cells (roughly the size of grapes for illustration purposes) absorb the electromagnetic energy and open up pores on the cell surface.

The free fatty acid, water and glycerol emulsify and drain from the cell through the pore and into the body’s natural cleansing system for removal. The grape-size fat cells are now the size of raisins.

Ten minutes on a vibratory plate after the 20-minute regimen increases circulation and engages the lymphatic system for draining toxins from the body.

“We’re getting the gunk out of the body,” Hobbs said.

Both owners say neither fat cells nor muscle mass are damaged, and results of the procedure are permanent and without any downside. The number of treatments varies from client to client, but two weekly sessions are encouraged.

“Our clients walk in with aches and pains or low energy or wanting to lose weight,” Zucco said. “Within a matter of sessions, there is an absolute difference in their faces … they glow, they’re energized.”

The owners stress that this procedure should not replace exercise or nutritional eating habits – it’s a complement to a healthy lifestyle.

For more information on Fast Fit Body Sculpting, Moss Creek Village Suite 298, call 843-368-3511 or visit

Dean Rowland is a veteran senior editor and freelance writer living in Bluffton.