What does it take to feel whole, to feel better, to feel well? The right prescription?

There’s something not right about that equation – that searching for the right pill or dosage is the answer to what literally ails you. Medication has its benefits and in so many cases is legitimately needed. But what about other lifestyle areas where our body is built to heal us on its own?

Feeling better can come in a variety of different forms, some of them very misleading. Feelings can be simulated with myriad pain meds and cover-ups. The real solution is to heal what’s really hurting you – the source that causes the ailment.

Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day – teach a man why he hurts and how to address the pain at the source, and he’ll go out fishing with full joint rotation, healthy and well, and hauling in the yellowtail.

There’s a fundamental difference between treating certain precise diseases that demand prescriptive treatment to sustain life or the quality therein. But most of what the body begins to deal with in later years is not due to disease, but aging.

Aging (especially if engaging in poor lifestyle choices) is the common denominator of why we’re not healthier. That’s our true epidemic, especially in American culture where a large part of the population falls short of the recommended daily exercise and nutrition. We’re simply not living well.

Aging, in and of itself, is not a disease. Aging and its effects are something everyone endures. This means it’s also something that everyone has an ability to treat, nurture, and – in some cases – even thoroughly heal through a variety of “non-surgical restorative remedies” for a better quality of living.

At the end of the day this is only truly accomplished by a body that is synchronously functioning in both health and vitality. Wholeness is not just the absence of negative symptoms – wholeness is a symptom itself, an indicator and clear representation of the body functioning in all its systems on a healthier level.

As the weather warms and we see the Lowcountry coming to life as one of the most active communities in the South, it’s a great inspiration to adjust your goals from temporary solutions to long-term aspirations of healing, wholeness, and overall whole-body well-being.

That’s something you can feel good about for a very long time.

Dr. Brad E. Fraum is the owner of Fraum Center for Restorative Health and has been practicing restorative therapies for more than 30 years in the Lowcountry. fraum.com.