I’m sure everyone reading this has a vivid memory of a past perm disaster. I am here to tell you that is something you should try to forget. It’s over. Let’s move on, shall we?

I wrote an article a few months ago about how perms are making a comeback. I wasn’t wrong. Of course, that memory I was referring to was your grandmother’s perm, or something similar.

This resurgence is nothing like those. I’m referring to a wavy, basically no-maintenance hair style.

Permed hair, if done correctly, should really be no maintenance at all! In fact, the less you do with permed hair, the better it will look. The more you mess with it the less you will like it.

In this salty, moist climate a perm can be amazing. Why are we fighting with the fuzz and flatness that results from living near the beach? Most of my clients want no-fuss styles. The perm is the answer.

I am not talking about perming your hair to get body. Of course, those perms still exist; however, I usually dissuade my clients from doing that because they are more work for lesser results. I can show you how to style your hair with product and no perm and achieve basically the same result in less time.

The perm I’m talking about is more of a controlled messy look, or “bed head,” if you will. Something that you put a little curl cream in when its wet and let it air dry. That’s it.

The next day, you dampen it, comb it and leave it alone. No lie.

Granted you have to use good shampoo and conditioner, and TLC at home, but you should be doing that anyway, right?

You’re going to ask if the perm still smells. It does, because the smell is the sulfur-oxygen bonds that are inside your hair that break when perming. So that rotten egg smell will always be there during the perming process. But it will not be there when you leave.

You should never have had the smell when you left a salon. That is one of the reasons why you had the nightmares from perms in the past. Rinsing is the most important step and one that stylists would not do long enough.

If you decide to try another perm, be certain that the stylist rinses for a good 4 or 5 minutes between the steps. Yes, its’ a long time – and I might end up giving you a bath by the time we’re done. But that’s a key part of the process to achieve great results instead of the over-processed vision still etched in our brains.

Also, a consultation with your stylist before making the final choice is also a must. You should have asked all the questions and have received the answers you need to make a conscious decision to try again.

I believe the new perm is something that has been forgotten about for a while. Let’s see if we can resurrect the vision, but in a good way.

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton. styleitsalon.com