Niamh, a kitten being fostered by Palmetto Animal League foster volunteer Emily Sulzer, seems to enjoy her plane ride to Pennsylvania.

By providing a temporary home for pets in need, fosters help Palmetto Animal League save more lives. Recently, one foster mom went even further (literally and figuratively) to give a homeless kitten the life she deserves.

Bluffton resident Emily Sulzer had been fostering a litter of kittens since they were born. Sulzer works remotely and attends meetings online, interacting daily with colleagues who live in various locations.

One day, during a video chat, a coworker fell in love with one of her precious little foster kittens named Niamh.

“Niamh’s adopters watched her grow up over the internet,” said PAL Adoption Coordinator Sally Dawkins. “They got to see all her firsts and watch her personality develop over time. It’s a sweet, modern story of love at first sight.”

When the kitten was ready, Sulzer delivered her little foster to her new home – all the way in Pennsylvania! Niamh’s journey included a drive to Charleston, waiting in the airport terminal, and then finding her spot on the plane.

“She was an awesome girl the whole time, napping and watching people,” said Sulzer. “She found the security checkpoint a little strange but was happy to get lots of pets while she waited for her turn through the metal detector.”

Niamh settled into her new home beautifully and wasted no time making herself comfortable. 

“She took about 10 minutes to acclimate and then became fast friends with the family dog,” said Sulzer. “Niamh checked out her new toys, used her scratching post right away, and had a snack.”

Thanks to devoted fosters like Sulzer, PAL can give homeless pets in our community a second chance at life, even if that new life means traveling 700 miles for the perfect home! 

“Emily has a special way with cats that need dedicated, compassionate, affectionate care in the soothing setting of a real home,” said Dawkins. “She is known to go above and beyond for the animals in her care.”

Palmetto Animal League is looking for new fosters to give shelter pets a safe, caring home until they can be adopted. More animals are arriving weekly at the PAL Adoption Center, and they need your help.

“By fostering, you allow PAL to increase the number of animals in their care while decreasing the number of animals that end up in shelters that euthanize for space,” said Meg Zalewski, who has been fostering for PAL for more than five years.

If you’ve been looking for a meaningful way to make a difference, call PAL at 843-645-1725 or visit to learn more and fill out their foster care application. 

Lindsay Perry is the marketing coordinator for Palmetto Animal League.