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In order to keep your home’s heating system running efficiently this winter, it requires a thorough HVAC inspection. 

In fact, it is recommended you have your system inspected by an HVAC service professional in the early months of fall to get ahead of the cold winter months and keep your system operating smoothly. Now is the time!

The heating systems in any home or business are likely to last longer with regular maintenance and inspections. However, that does not mean they will last forever. 

That’s why it’s important you ask your HVAC technician the right questions when it comes to the current condition of your system. Is it working as it should be? Are there any problem areas that will need repair? Are there any components that may need replacement? 

Evaluating the current condition of the system can help you predict when repairs and replacements are needed and better yet, the expected lifespan of your system.

When it comes to efficiency, just because the system is working the way it should, does not mean it is running as efficiently as it can. A thorough inspection will determine your system’s efficiency and where improvements can be made. 

This may include replacing duct work, installing a smart thermostat system, and sealing off windows and attics that cause heat loss. The age of your system is also a major factor in its efficiency. If your system is at least 10 to 12 years old, it may be time for an upgrade, as older systems tend to waste more energy – causing you to pay more in electricity costs. 

Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial, so you must find a dependable and trustworthy team of HVAC professionals to conduct regular maintenance. This may include checking outside vents and air circulation systems to ensure there is no debris in place. In between technician calls, you might need to clean and replace filters for these systems, too.

The more you know about your home’s heating system, the better. Not only do you want to prepare for potential problems now, but you also want to ensure you are doing the best possible job of maintaining your system. This way, you can get optimal climate control at the lowest overall cost to you.

Dave Miller, owner of Superior Services, has been providing residential and commercial whole-home services in the Lowcountry for 20 years.