Dr. Jean Harris enjoys a round of golf with her grandchildren, Kyle Grace and Hannon Harris. BRYAN HARRIS

One of the things that all parents want for their children is to develop into responsible adults. Golf is a game that has a standard of behavior conducive for the positive development of children.

One of the greatest reasons for getting your child involved in golf is the quality time that families can spend together on a golf course. My son and I are very close due to the many hours we spent on the golf course talking about what was going on in his life. 

Now, he is doing the same with his children. I am also fortunate to spend time with my two grandchildren on the course. Golf is truly a game for generations.

Reasons why golf is a great game for children:

• Since golf is a slow paced sport, you have time to chat with your child during the round. 

• Golf teaches a child that they, alone, are responsible for their actions. Parents can reinforce this by letting them know that you can’t blame coaches and other players for the results like you do in team sports.

• Golf is a way to get your child involved in fitness by walking the course with them. Make sure they carry their bags during the hole.

• Parents would rather have their children involved in a sport like golf instead of playing the latest video game on the couch.

• Children are less likely to get injured playing golf than they would playing football, soccer or basketball.

• Golf is a great way to teach friendly competition. Giving your child a number of strokes allows them a chance to beat their parents or other siblings.

• Golf allows you to be in the great outdoors. Being outside has many physical benefits.

Make sure you get your child in proper equipment. Cutting down adult clubs are too heavy for children. You can get golf clubs in every size, so there is no reason not to get the family playing together.

Once you get your children excited about golf, I suggest getting them involved in an organized youth program such as the First Tee, PGA Junior League or LPGA Girls Golf.

Dr. Jean Harris is an LPGA Master Professional and teaches at local courses. jean.golfdoctor.harris@gmail.com; golfdoctorjean.com