No matter if your face is round, oval, square, heart-shaped or long, there are some haircuts that suit you best and a few that aren’t quite as flattering.

The key to a flattering haircut is one that creates the illusion that you have a perfectly oval face.

There are cuts that help make a round face appear longer, a long face appear wider, a square jaw appear softer, and large foreheads and double chins virtually disappear. All you have to do is find the right haircut.

There are other things to consider when choosing a style, like hair texture, your personality, your lifestyle and even your body type.

The basic rule of finding a great haircut is to never highlight your problem area, and try to create the illusion that you have an oval face.

There are some guidelines to help you choose the right style.

If you have a round face, you should avoid short, curly or wavy hair. This makes your face appear rounder. The better option would be a cut that hits below the chin or longer.

If your face is square, you might want to play down your strong jawline. Texture in the form of curls or textured ends does this perfectly.

If you are fortunate enough to have an oval face shape, you tend to look good in everything. However, an oval face can appear long, so think twice before adding height on top of the head in the form of a teased up-do or spiky haircut.

Remember to consider your texture. If your hair is thick or curly, avoid a blunt cut; you risk getting a triangular look. A heart-shaped face tends to come with a pointy chin. Draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones instead.

The good news is that most of us can get away with the trends of the moment. The hottest hairstyle trends such as the bob, shoulder-length cuts, bangs, long hair and even the pixie tend to look great on all face shapes.

When choosing any of these cuts just remember to adjust the style to suit you best, such as face-framing layers and texture.

Bangs can make a boring cut edgy. They can take years off a face and bring attention to the eyes. If you have a square face you should avoid wide, heavy, blunt-cut bangs, as this will only create more angles to your face. You should have your blunt-cut bangs longer on the sides to soften the look.

Of course, as in any decision involving your hair, finding the right stylist to guide you is key to finding a style that suits you perfectly.

Falecia Mize is a cut and color expert with House of Color in Bluffton.