It is important to one’s well-being to feel good, be happy, be healthy, be productive – to be the best version of oneself. Mindfulness and health are key elements to our best journey. 

Our feel-good self is the connection to our mental and physical health. Using the Law of Attraction to create my best life, I use my training and learning to share these ideas with you. 

Did you know your mood and behavior can be affected by your surroundings? A lighter and brighter living environment can improve your well-being, which can also improve your behavior and your physical health. 

Consider painting your rooms with light and cheerful colors – happy colors make for a happier you. Color choices are one of, if not, the most important elements of the home. 

Color connects us. The shades of colors we choose can help our senses. Colors – and various shades of colors – can enable us to be the happiest and best versions of ourselves. 

The cortisol levels of stress deeply affect our bodies. Relaxing in our homes helps us rebuilds our immune system, the essential element for good health. 

Designing a comfy living room where chairs and sofa face each will encourage people to feel at ease and comfortable. Find the best seating that suits you and also fits the shape and size of the room. 

A warm, friendly, attractive space will encourage open communication essential for our energy and our sense of well-being. Our hectic, busy, somewhat stress-filled lives affects our health. Maintaining a balance for mental and physical health and wellness, for ourselves and for our relationships is the goal. 

We have to feel our best to be our best. Furnishing a home can be an overwhelming task. 

Have you ever felt something in your living space is wrong? A professional can diagnose the issues and easily correct them. Remember, your energy and joy is your responsibility – and it is OK to ask for a bit of help. 

In the end, you will avoid making costly mistakes. With the right choices, you will love, thrive and enjoy your surroundings to the fullest. It will be a good investment and money well spent.

Diamond Riegel is an interior design consultant and owner of Designs by Diamond, Bluffton.