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One year after its original production was postponed, Lean Ensemble Theatre will present “Cry It Out,” a look into first-time parenthood, with the original cast. This time, the play will be streamed online March 5-14, and is offered free of charge.

Lean Ensemble Theater’s production of “Cry It Out” by playwright Molly Smith Metzler drops us into the into the thick of navigating “newborn” anxieties. 

This dark gritty comedy revolves around three women: a lawyer on maternity leave who’s wrestling with stepping off the partnership fast-track; an unmarried blue-collar hospital worker with money and relationship problems; and a wealthy jewelry designer in deep maternal denial with a desperate husband determined to work it all out.

Directed by Lean Ensemble’s Amanda Sox,  “Cry It Out” features Maegan McNerney Azar, Lindsay Ryan and Ensemble member Libby Ricardo as the trio of new mothers, and Thomas Azar as the bewildered new father.

To reserve free tickets and for more information, call 843-715-6676 or visit