To the Editor:

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, I heard three gunshots outside my home and called 911. Shortly afterward, a neighbor knocked at my door to inquire if I was OK. She said, “You better come outside.”

My car was within the yellow-tape crime scene area, as the victim was down behind my car. Officers from Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office and Bluffton Police were onsite, as well as an ambulance and fire truck, too.

A 17-year-old was shot one time in the leg, and the shooter(s) fled the scene.

I related the story to my younger brother, who replied, “Get used to the guns and shootings.” Never will I get used to the use of a firearm to kill or hurt someone. I find it senseless that a teenager needs a gun or guns.

We have far too many shootings in our nation. We must all be aware that guns are everywhere, including your own backyard.

Tim Holsinger