To the Editor:

I often wonder if elected officials typically buy cars without brakes. Because it is no surprise to me when I see out-of-control growth in some towns and cities. Parking messes, traffic jams, and frequent accidents can be a municipality’s worst nightmare.

Coming from a town that could very well be in the running for the Guinness Book of World Records for the most people per square foot, I dread seeing the same thing happening here.

During the summer, I spoke at council meetings in Hardeeville and Bluffton and warned against over-saturation. Some seem enamored with future growth. Agreed … but only if carefully managed.

If developers are allowed to increase traffic at the expense of our public roads, then our elected officials are not being sincere. Residential development plans, at a minimum, should include non-automotive alternatives such as biking, walking and golf carts for connection to the “outside world.”

Let’s take Pulte (Sun City’s developer) for example. When they expanded Sun City to the north side of Hwy. 278, they effectively forced those residents into using their cars for access to retail stores and businesses also located north of 278.

Hardeeville has a Planned Unit Development (PUD) in place for 10,000 homes on the west side of Argent Blvd. Pulte will build 1,500 of them. Government pre-approvals are NOT needed.

Our mayors and councils should not complain that the roads of the future (like Rte. 170 and 278 are today) turn into death traps and daily crash sites. Developer money is not worth it!

Gene Ceccarelli