To the Editor:

To our Bluffton village of donors and surrounding area folks, WOW!!! Thank you! Thank You!

We are so thankful to God for ALL the support and prayers on social media, by text and through your giving in making this opportunity a reality. Your generosity will allow my granddaughter, Amirah Brown, an elite soccer player, to take a big step towards making her dreams of playing at the next level come true. She and her team, Tormenta FC Ibis 09, will compete for a Regional Championship soccer title in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, June 24-30. 

The commitment, hard work, and everything she has put into her soccer journey thus far will be tested by participating against the best players in the Southeast. Amirah has earned her spot and this trip will be a life changing opportunity she will never forget.

All the players are required to raise their own funds to pay for up to a week of hotel fees, transportation, and food expenses.

Donations are still being accepted online at, or call 843-368-6755 for other donation options.

Thank you so much for your support in making this opportunity a reality and allowing her to fulfill a dream.

We love our village of supporters!

Sharon Brown

Amirah Brown