To The Editor:

There is much at stake in the upcoming mid-term elections in South Carolina and across the country. Many local issues are being debated, but what stands out to me, like the American flag we hold dear everywhere, is saving our democracy.

Our right to vote is precious. We must do everything we can as individual citizens to insure free and fair elections in South Carolina.

We must do our homework on all candidates running for office. Do they pledge to uphold democracy and will they accept the will of the people when the votes have been counted? Do they stand for me?

It is our goal to uphold the results as free and fair and to have a peaceful transfer of power. This responsibility falls to each of us.

Every democracy around the world is looking to the United States to be a model. It strengthens our ties with our allies and demonstrates our strength to those who wish to defeat us.

And we must encourage every person who is eligible to vote to register to vote now. Our individual actions matter. We must vote for the people we feel will best serve our communities regardless of affiliation.

In these troubled and divisive times, I feel we must look not only to our parties; rather we must investigate the integrity and intentions of all people running for office in order to make the best choices for our democracy.

This is not easy, but it is necessary now.

Susan Baukhages