To the Editor:

Did you know that there can’t be birds without bugs, the little things that run the world? These are precarious weeks when our land birds are raising babies in their nests, and we can ease their efforts to find food.    

Little known, but more than 90% of these bird species feed insects to their young, who desperately need the protein and fat to survive. That even includes nectar-loving hummingbirds.  

Flies, beetles, crickets are on the menu, but caterpillars are the best! It takes more than 5,000 caterpillars to fledge a nestful of Carolina chickadees. What can we do insure survival? 

We can stop spraying pesticides randomly on our plants and ground, killing the insects the birds need to survive, also ground-nesting native bees, our champion pollinators. 

Think of joining “No Mow May,” a national initiative supported by many U.S. community governments and private landowners, a project to increase awareness of the vast importance of bugs – yes, bugs! – on this earth.

Debby Boots

Hilton Head Island