To the Editor:

The Christmas Truth

Joey, I gotta tell you what I found out about Santa on Christmas Eve.

But don’t tell the other kids because they won’t believe.

On Christmas Eve night, I got up to go to the bathroom. I thought everyone was sleeping,

But I saw some lights, so, just like we did when you slept over,

I crept down the stairs and did some peeping.

Joey, I was shocked at what I saw! There was a big guy in a red suit with white trim

putting toys together! I was sure it was him.

He looked kinda familiar. With his straight nose and blue eyes

He looked a lot like I did last year in my bearded Halloween disguise.

He fumbled a lot, I thought he’d be much better able.

In fact my mom had to read him the directions so he could finish my sister’s makeup table.

When his work was done, he took off his hat and on the top of his head, what did I find?

A mussed up bundle of curly red hair, exactly like mine!

Mom and he sat on the sofa, and he gave mom a hug. She hugged him back and gave him a tickle.

And he laughed just like I do! A big one – it wasn’t just a giggle.

Joey, that was the final clue. I knew what was up.

Since then, even in Miss Boring’s math class I’m as happy as when I’m playing with my pup.

Soccer wins or soccer losses, it’s all just been fun,

Because … don’t tell anybody, Joey … I’m Santa’s son!

Frank Cinami