To the Editor:

The article by Rev. Dr. Jon Black (Bluffton Sun, Feb. 16, 2021) was spot on. When I read the title, “Our ‘toddler’ nation must grow up, be mature, practice unity,” I wasn’t sure what to expect. After reading it, the content made so much sense, especially in our current times. 

As a country, we have many issues to address, starting with lack of bipartisanship within the legislature, COVID-19, racial discrimination, immigration and our economy, to name a few. This country was built by many diverse groups, both ethnic and religious and that is what made us great. 

The Reverend wrote: “Anyone can find unity with people who share common values and history. Mature people can find unity among people who are quite different.”

It is not enough to say, “We need to be kind to one another.” Before we react to a person or an issue, ask yourself, “Are you listening to what is being said or truly understanding the issue or do you jump in with your opinion?” When we ask and answer our own questions, we can be shortchanging ourselves. 

How many times have you come to a conclusion about a person or issue and down the road you get additional information that impacts your previous view?

One of Stephen Covey’s principles is “Seek first to understand and then to be understood.” Trust me, it is a challenging principle to follow, but the longer you are at it, the more you learn how valuable it is. 

We are never too old to learn. 

Carolyn McClurg

Moss Creek