To the Editor:

Earle Everett had a reasonably good letter published of late, lamenting the lack of cogent civics education in contemporary schools.

He opined that children “have a right to wonder and question if our democracy is working.” Regrettably, he later indicates the founding fathers enshrined our freedoms in law “in order to build a democracy for all.”

While perhaps well-intentioned, these statements are grossly inaccurate. Nowhere in our Constitution, Bill of Rights nor even the Articles of Confederation is the word “democracy” used. Democracy is two Airedales and a cat voting on what to have for dinner.

Instead, the geniuses who gave us the rule of law and substantial restrictions on government (most of which are now ignored) in the Constitution gave us a republic.

As Justice Scalia once said, words have meaning. Mr. Everett will doubtless concur after a brushing up on the sacred document which did indeed give us the liberty to learn about civics, and much else.

James Kleen

Harris Neck, Ga.