To the Editor:

I loved Editor Lynne Hummell’s “Finding life’s little pleasure in nature’s little gifts” in the Feb. 15, 2022, Bluffton Sun. It brought to mind some past photography experiences.

In the 1970s, I was on a business trip to Sweden. One day, walking through a lovely area with very old buildings and vast green lawns. I saw a charming pot of geraniums perched on top of a tree stump. I lay on the ground to take a close-up, side angle photo of the planting. That photo still hangs in my home.

I’d only just started getting into photography. When I returned home, I was showing my pictures to a co-worker who I knew to be a good photographer. When he saw my geranium shot, he smiled and said “That’s an interesting angle. … I wouldn’t have thought to shoot the plant from your perspective.” Because he was so good and I was just a beginner, I thought I’d won the lottery from his praise.

My partner has a fabulous eye for all kinds of things. I never tire poring through his myriad of photos taken through many years. There is one of a skyscraper in Manhattan. He had lain on the sidewalk, pointed his camera upward to capture that angle of the building. You can imagine the people walking around him.

Here in Sun City, many of us revel in postings of photos of whatever moon is on display that month. Some of the photos are wondrous. For me, just looking up at a little white ball in the sky doesn’t cut it. I love to spot a huge, orange ball on the rise over a neighboring street, especially if clouds surround it.

As Lynne suggested we should practice observatory behavior to obtain calmness. I try – but usually wind up running for the camera.

Barbara Costa