To the Editor:

Not too often is a Letter to the Editor written about people who write letters to the editor. I want to thank you for publishing many of the letters submitted by Mr. Earle Everett and Mr. Gene Ceccarelli.

If a letter is well written the reader can establish a basic understanding of who the writer is and what he or she has generally experienced in life. Both of these guys exhibit good old fashioned common sense, seem to practice the golden rule in everyday living and keep God in the equation. We are at a time in history when our beloved country is missing these qualities.

In his most recent letter, Mr. Ceccarelli wonders if anyone finds value in his writing or even cares. Well, rest assured, Gene, at least one Lowcountry resident appreciates what you and all the other contributors put out there. Keep up the good work!

Howard D. Sassman


To the Editor:

The time is drawing near. Nov. 8 is the vote-in-person date to cast your ballot in the mid-term election. Vote-by-mail is happening now.

This vote is essential to save our democracy, our way of life, so I ask each and every registered voter to do your homework and vote.

If a candidate says they don’t accept President Biden as our current president, do not vote for them. They want to destroy our democracy.

Consider each candidate for office. Go to their website or hear them in person as they speak in our counties. Don’t vote straight party. More than ever, this time we need to consider each person’s skills and intentions. We need people who will stand up for our needs and fight for our rights regardless of party affiliation.

Serving in government is an honor, not a business.

We need to elect people who won’t take our democracy away from us. When you cast your vote, please know exactly what you are voting for.

Susan Baukhages