To the Editor:

Will the petty bickering between the Beaufort County School Board and the school district and among the board members ever end?

I, and I suspect many other county taxpayers-voters, are fed-up with the constant arguments about almost every issue coming before the board.

Now we have the FBI investigation and subpoenas as the latest focus for discontent. For anyone on the board to seriously take Drew Davis’s comments and advice to them is a joke. He represents his only real client, Superintendent Jeffrey Moss – the only person who can remove him.

So why wouldn’t his words always be understood as protecting his only client and “blown-off” by all board members?

Whether anyone could be held criminally or civilly liable for releasing the information about the existence of the FBI probe or subpoenas is not able to be given a factually certain answer unless far more information is known. So the opinions of almost every attorney would be just that – a basically worthless opinion. For anyone to get upset or feel “threatened” is ridiculous.

I urge the district leaders and board members to stop the constant nonsense and focus on the education of the children. And I urge taxpayers-voters to consider whether the district and board have demonstrated they can be trusted to appropriately manage the $76 million they’re asking us to give them.

Michael F. Vezeau


To the Editor:

Many years ago, Woody Guthrie reminded American people that they own their land. Unfortunately, this is not true anymore. Our land was stolen by plutocrats who buy our government, and by blood-thirsty thugs who terrorize us.

The United States is the only developed country of the world where anyone can buy military grade weapons and shoot anybody for any reason or simply for sport.

Below is a song I wrote, with gratitude to Mr. Guthrie, that we all should sing as a protest against this insanity. Perhaps, our government will finally hear us.

This war is your war,

This war is my war,

From California to Carolinas,

From Rocky Mountains

To Texas oil fields,

This war was made for you and me!

You shoot at me, friend,

I shoot at you, friend,

From your car window,

From my hotel room,

Into your classroom,

Into my club room,

This war is killing you and me!

You shoot my children,

I shoot your children,

Guns don’t kill people,

But people do, friend,

We may be poor, friend,

We may be dead, friend,

But we are brave and we are free!

Anatol Zukerman


To the Editor:

The NRA has weighed in on the school shooting discussion with standard positions.

None address the issue of restricting access to, or eliminating weapons designed for rapid mass casualties.

One of the most inane solutions is to arm teachers.

Beside the challenges of getting an education in an armed camp, I pose these questions:

First, since the Second Amendment does not specify what kind of “arms” we have the right to bear, the NRA believes that it includes weapons of mass destruction, like bump stock alterations and the AK-15. If that is true, why are there legal restrictions against grenade and rocket launchers, mortars, machine guns, etc.?

(I know, this is ludicrous.) But what IS the explanation or argument that makes a distinction among the rights to the weapons mentioned above?

Second, why do we think “concealed carry” pistols stand a chance against an AK-15? I realize that one well-placed bullet could stop a person. But if they miss or only wound a well-armed killer, a hundred rounds could still be sprayed in seconds. Should the teachers have access to an AK-15 as well? (I know, ludicrous as well.)

Most of my friends and neighbors are proud gun owners who love to hunt and love to shoot for sport. Several of them have concealed carry permits for safety. They are entitled to this right and I am happy for them.

Nonetheless, I cannot see any circumstances that justify anyone owning a weapon of mass destruction – not for sport, not for protection.

Ken Reinhardt